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SigNetSim : The Signaling Network Simulator
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What is SigNetSim ?

SigNetSim is a web platform that allows user to create, simulate, adjust and analyse biochemical reaction models. As a web platform, it is usable on multiple devices. It is designed to be installed on computation servers, with all the work executed server-side.

Supported tags

  • latest : The latest pre-release version.
  • develop : The latest development version. Experimental, but with the latest bugfixes.

How to use this image

$ docker run --name signetsim -d signetsim/signetsim

The server will run on port 80.

To locally store the persistent data, use :

$ docker run --name signetsim -v <data folder>:/SigNetSim/data -d signetsim/signetsim

To run on another port, use :

$ docker run --name signetsim -p <port>:80 -d signetsim/signetsim

Using docker-compose

Write a docker-compose.yml as such :

version: '3.3'

    image: signetsim/signetsim
    container_name: signetsim
      - signetsim_data:/SigNetSim/data
    restart: always


Then just run

$ docker-compose up -d signetsim
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