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Automatically remove wide open security group rules for specified ports
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Removes wide open ports from AWS security groups based on AWS config rules.


Find security groups that allow SSH or RDP (or your favourite port) access from and remove the ingress rules from the security group.


  • AWS config rules created in each region you want to enforce security group port rules for
  • Each config rule MUST only validate a single port in a security group
  • The AWS CLI configuration must be present. The AWS CLI does NOT need to be installed but it's credential file must be present on the docker host with at least one named profile.


The app is driven by a small configuration file that can be mounted into the docker container using a bind mount. An example file looks like:

( [region]=us-east-1 [cfg-rule]=restricted-ssh [port]=22 [protocol]=tcp )
( [region]=us-west-2 [cfg-rule]=restricted-ssh [port]=22 [protocol]=tcp  )
( [region]=eu-west-1 [cfg-rule]=restricted-ssh [port]=22 [protocol]=tcp  )
( [region]=us-east-1 [cfg-rule]=restricted-rdp [port]=3389 [protocol]=tcp )
( [region]=us-west-2 [cfg-rule]=restricted-rdp [port]=3389 [protocol]=tcp )
( [region]=eu-west-1 [cfg-rule]=restricted-rdp [port]=3389 [protocol]=tcp )

In this example, each region is checked for 2 config rules (restricted-ssh and restricted-rdp) which in turn check for wide open ports 22 and 3389


By default, the tool runs in dry run mode and will NOT to deletes. To run the tool in dry run mode use:

docker run -e "AWS_CLI_PROFILE=dev" \
           -v ~/.aws/credentials:/root/.aws/credentials:ro \
           -v /my/data-dir/config.cfg:/src/config.cfg:ro \

To enable deletes from security groups, set the variable REAPER_DO_DELETE to any value:

docker run -e "AWS_CLI_PROFILE=dev" \
           -e "REAPER_DO_DELETE=true" \
           -v ~/.aws/credentials:/root/.aws/credentials:ro \
           -v /my/data-dir/config.cfg:/src/config.cfg:ro \
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