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Download and build cryptonomex/graphene from github.
Full Description

Build environment for

usage: docker run -v <local path for build>:/build sile16/graphene-build
[-h] [--build_type {Debug,Release}] [--devshares] [--make_all]
[--make_cli_wallet] [--make_witness_node]

The script will build graphene to a specific commit or tag

Example: docker run -v /home/john:/build sile16/graphene-build 
Result:  latest graphene will be built into /home/john/graphene 

positional arguments:
sha Commit sha or master branch tag

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--build_type {Debug,Release}
Change build type
--devshares build from devshares instead of graphene
--make_all specify make target of all (Default targets defined by the Makefile)
--make_cli_wallet only build wallet and other targets specified
--make_witness_node only build witness and other targets specified

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