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Docktor fixes other containers, it is a sidecar container which takes actions when it's companion(s) fail(s).

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The Docktor checks every CHECK_INTERVAL (default 60) seconds whether the containers it links to are still active using the command supplied.

The linked containers have the environmental variables set on them: CHECK_COMMAND and FIX_COMMAND. CHECK_COMMAND will be passed to a Bash shell for evaluation, if it exits with zero (success) then nothing happens, if it exits with non-zero (fail) then FIX_COMMAND is executed to try and fix the problem. Usually this will be just to restart a container etc.

Docktor comes with a set of scripts to make your life easier they are in /scripts/checks and /scripts/fixes - if you want to add, please issue a pull request with the scripts added to the appropriate subdirectory.

An example tutum.yml is shown below and can be deployed by the button after it.

  image: vizzbuzz/docktor
    - test
    - global

  image: nginx
    CHECK_COMMAND: "curl http://${TEST_PORT_80_TCP_ADDR}:{TEST_PORT_80_TCP_PORT} | grep"
    FIX_COMMAND: "/scripts/fixes/ ${TEST_TUTUM_API_URL}"

This checks to see if the Nginx server is running on port 80, if not it runs a pre-supplied script that restarts the container on Tutum.

Additional Commands and Resources

Additional resources to a usual Docker Alpine image include the following: curl, nmap, socat, (netcat), Bash, Docker, Python, Pip. As well as these CLIs for the following services are include: Tutum, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services. If you have suggestions for other CLIs please let me know.

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