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What is ownCloud?

ownCloud is a software system for what is commonly termed "file hosting". As such, ownCloud is very similar to the widely used Dropbox, with the primary difference being that ownCloud is free and open-source, and thereby allowing anyone to install and operate it without charge on a private server, with no limits on storage space (except for hard disk quota or capacity) or the number of connected clients.

How to use this image

Start a owncloud instance

docker run --name some-owncloud -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -d cw1900/docker-centos-owncloud

By default this image creates a self-signed certificate to enable https connection and forces ownCloud to use it.

Environment Variables

You can use the following variables to costumize your ownCloud container:


As this image uses php-apc to ensure best practical performance of ownCloud, you can costumize the size witch is used by php-apc. If not set, PHP_APC_SIZE is set to 512M.


As you might suggest, you can set your fully qualified domain name in this variable. If not set, FQDN is set to


With this variable you can set your country which is set into the self-signed certificate. If not set, SSL_COUNTRY is set to US.


Same as SSL_COUNTRY but for your state. If not set, SSL_STATE is set to New York.


Same as SSL_COUNTRY but for your locality. If not set, SSL_LOCALITY is set to Brooklyn.


Same as SSL_COUNTRY but for your organisation name. If not set, SSL_ORGANISATION is set to Example Brooklyn Company.


Same as SSL_COUNTRY but for your organisation unit. If not set, SSL_ORGANISATION_UNIT is set to IT.


Using this variable to set the apache alias for owncloud. If not set, OWNCLOUD_ALIAS is empty.


docker run --name some-owncloud -e PHP_APC_SIZE="512M" -e FQDN="" -e SSL_COUNTRY="US" -e SSL_STATE="New York" -e SSL_LOCALITY="Brooklyn" -e SSL_ORGANISATION="Example Brooklyn Company" -e SSL_ORGANISATION_UNIT="IT" -e OWNCLOUD_ALIAS="owncloud" -d cw1900/docker-centos-owncloud

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