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Short Description
Docker image with the latest Digikam version containerized.
Full Description

Digikam Dockerfile

Docker image with the latest Digikam version (4.14 at the time of this writing) containerized.

This container is not conceived for productive usage, but more for testing the latest Digikam version.

Base Docker image

Ubuntu Trusty

How to use this image

create a Digikam container

docker run --user user-dk --name digikam -it -v ${HOME}/Pictures/digikam:/home/user-dk/Pictures -v /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix -e DISPLAY=$DISPLAY silvavlis/digikam

start an already existing Digikam container

docker start digikam


Getting graphical output in the desktop

Of all the different possibilities the selected one is mounting the X11 socket into the container.

Error messages

Following error message is normal if your host doesn't have a IEEE 1394 port (also known as FireWire).
libdc1394 error: Failed to initialize libdc1394

Docker Pull Command
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Comments (2)
2 years ago

I'm sorry I didn't answer sooner, but I oversaw this comment.
I would appreciate this kind of "issue" reports being added to the GitHub repository, that way it's easier for me to track.
There is an update of the image to Digikam 4.14 newer than your comment, can you please test if you are still having the same issue?
I created the image mainly to get the bleeding edge facial recognition, so very similar to your use case and I couldn't observe such an issue up to now.

2 years ago

Created image and runs great, until I pointed it to my photo archive (18,000 images) and tried to use facial recognition. Now digikam consumes about 20 GB of RAM within 20 seconds of startup and comes to a crawl. If you Google for "digikam memory" it finds lots of threads on this topic dealing with a bad version of "libpgf". Are you able to determine if the right library is being used?