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Image with Ubuntu and a compiled version of the minctools installed and sourced at login
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The minc-toolkit is a library of low-level manipulation tools for medical imaging (mostly MRI) data. See the official minc-toolkit page for more info.

The Tags in this repository represent version of the minc toolkits, here are the dokerfiles used to build them:

  • 1.9.15 is built over ubuntu 16.04

  • 1.9.2 is built over ubuntu 12.04

  • 1.9.11 is built over ubuntu 16.04

On linux, you need to have docker installed, and you need to be part of the docker group. Run the following command to start bash terminal with the minc toolkit:

docker run -i -t --rm --name minc-toolkit -v $HOME:$HOME --user $UID:$GID simexp/minc-toolkit /bin/bash 

If you are using tag 1.9.2 you will also need to source the minctool inside the image before you can use it with the source /opt/minc-itk4/ command

Finally, if somehow the process did not exit properly and docker complains that minc-toolkit is already running when you restart it, type:

docker stop minc-toolkit
docker rm minc-toolkit

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