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azure login
azure group create -n lfmtest-dcos -l northeurope --template-uri -e .\config\dcos-parameters.json

Should see...
info: Executing command group create

  • Getting resource group lfmtest-dcos
  • Updating resource group lfmtest-dcos
    info: Updated resource group lfmtest-dcos
  • Initializing template configurations and parameters
  • Creating a deployment
    info: Created template deployment "azuredeploy"
    data: Id: /subscriptions/42d42ccb-433a-48b5-b9be-844da106ce08/resourceGroups/lfmtest-dcos
    data: Name: lfmtest-dcos
    data: Location: northeurope
    data: Provisioning State: Succeeded
    data: Tags: null
    info: group create command OK

The actual provisioning of the various VMs etc will take at least 15 mins on Azure - the portal should show what is happening.

NB tried setting up a cluster with 3 masters and it failed. Googling suggested that it's something to do with exceeding our quota limit for the Azure account. Might need investigating if we wanted to pursue this.

Connect to the cluster

ssh -L 8000:localhost:80 -f -N -p 2200

If a marathon task starts and then dies quickly it might not have enough memory allocated to it - try reconfiguring in marathon and up the memory value

Load Balancing

Connecting to services (e.g. users service)

Docker Pull Command