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Short Description
Periodically check if a new version of a project is released. Will create a GitHub issue for you :)
Full Description

New version checker

Simple stateless checking if a new version of a project is released. Should be run periodically.
If a new version is found an issue requesting a version bump will be created in a GitHub repository of choice.

Currently only supports git tags as source of information for new versions.

How to use

  • Create a newversionchecker.toml file with the following contents:
github_repo = "simonvanderveldt/newversionchecker" # Repo to create the version bump issues in
check_interval = 24 # Interval how often the check is scheduled to run (hours)

[projects] # Dictionary of projects to check and their git URL
"New version checker" = ""
"<some other project>" = "<owner>/<some other project>"
  • Create a personal access token on GitHub with either public_repo or repo scope access
  • Export the token as GITHUB_API_TOKEN environment variable
  • Run ./
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