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SimPhoNy common package with LIGGGHTS engine included.
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The LIGGGHTS engine-wrapper for the SimPhoNy framework (

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simphony-liggghts is hosted on github:


  • pyyaml >= 3.11
  • simphony-common_ ~= 0.5.0

Optional requirements

To support the documentation built you need the following packages:

- sphinx >= 1.2.3
- sphinxcontrib-napoleon >= 0.2.10


The package requires python 2.7.x. Installation is based on setuptools::

    # build and install
    python install


    # build for in-place development
    python develop

LIGGGHTS installation

This engine-wrapper uses LIGGGHTS DEM simulation engine. A recent stable
version (17 May 2016, tagged 3.4.0) of LIGGGHTS is supported and has been
tested. See for an example installation instructions.
For general LIGGGHTS install information, see

LIGGGHTS installation varies depending on which interface is being used. See the
manual for more details.


After installation, the user should be able to import the liggghts engine plugin module by::

from simphony.engine import liggghts
engine = liggghts.LiggghtsWrapper()


To run the full test-suite run::

python -m unittest discover


To build the documentation in the doc/build directory run::

python build_sphinx

.. note::

- One can use the --help option with a command
  to see all available options.
- The documentation will be saved in the ``./build`` directory.

Directory structure

  • simliggghts -- holds the liggghts wrapper implementation

    • bench - benchmarking
    • common - contains general global files
    • config - holds configuration related files
    • internal - internal library communication with LIGGGHTS
    • io -- file-io related communication with LIGGGHTS
    • testing -- testing related utilities
  • examples -- holds different examples
  • doc -- Documentation related files

    • source -- Sphinx rst source files
    • build -- Documentation build directory, if documentation has been generated
      using the make script in the doc directory.

.. _simphony-common:

EDM deployment

Enthought Deployment Manager packages can be created with::

python egg

See documentation in simphonyproject/buildrecipes-common for more information

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