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Mono development and runtime environment
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This container holds a mono development and runtime environment including C#, Visual Basic, a lightweight webserver, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and the runtime libraries.


Use this container as a base

To run (running the xsp server on port 8000):

# docker run --rm=true -t -i -p 8000:8000 mono-s390x

Container Contents

mono-core : Cross-platform, Open Source, .NET development framework
mono-data : Database connectivity for Mono
mono-data-oracle : Database connectivity for Mono
mono-data-sqlite : Database connectivity for Mono
mono-devel : Mono development tools
monodoc-core : Monodoc - Documentation tools for C# code
mono-extras : Extra packages
mono-locale-extras : Extra locale information
mono-mvc : Mono implementation of ASP
mono-nunit : NUnit Testing Framework
mono-reactive : Reactive Extensions
mono-wcf : Mono implementation of WCF, Windows Communication Foundation
mono-web : Mono implementation of ASP
mono-winforms : Mono's Windows Forms implementation
mono-winfxcore : Mono implementation of core WinFX APIs
ibm-data-db2 : Database connectivity for DB2
libmono-2_0-1 : A Library for embedding Mono in your Application
libmono-2_0-devel : Development files for libmono
monodoc-core : Monodoc - Documentation tools for C# code
xsp : Small Web Server Hosting ASP.NET
mono-basic : Mono's VB Runtime

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