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Puppet Server - 4.2.1
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puppet server

Docker image for puppet server

Origin of Work

Derived from the work of Nick McSpadden. Materials in his Github Repository


Autosigning is turned on in puppet.conf.

In addition, confdir is /opt/puppet/ and vardir is /opt/varpuppet/, and both the confdir and vardir are marked as data volumes in the Dockerfile. This makes it easy to use data-only containers.

Container runs puppet v4 so v3 clients will not be able to connect.

To use this container:

  1. Make a data-only container first, so you can destroy the puppetmaster container without losing certs or other configuration data:
    docker run -d --name puppet-data --entrypoint /bin/echo brunswickheads/puppet-4.2.1-s390x
  2. Create the puppetmaster server container:
    docker run -d --name puppetmaster -h puppet -p 8140:8140 --volumes-from puppet-data brunswickheads/puppet-4.2.1-s390x
  3. Important - copy the configuration data to the data volume mount point:
    docker exec puppetmaster cp -Rf /etc/puppet /opt/
  4. To see list of certs:
    docker exec puppetmaster puppet cert list -all
  5. To test on a client:
    1. Install Puppet, Hiera, Facter, and Puppet LaunchDaemon onto client
    2. Add the IP of your Docker host to /etc/hosts (or configure DNS so that your Docker host is reachable at "puppet"). For example:
      " puppet"
    3. Test puppet on client running as root:
      # puppet agent --test
      You should see the cert request being generated and autosigned:
      Info: Creating a new SSL key for
      Info: Caching certificate for ca
      Info: csr_attributes file loading from /etc/puppet/csr_attributes.yaml
      Info: Creating a new SSL certificate request for
      Info: Certificate Request fingerprint (SHA256): 72:04:4D:47:B7:64:78:BF:A9:05:8A:86:E0:17:C8:A8:FC:16:B6:C7:19:E6:AC:48:A8:CE:93:2E:B8:A2:D3:D6
      Info: Caching certificate for
      Info: Caching certificate_revocation_list for ca
      Info: Caching certificate for ca
      Info: Retrieving pluginfacts
      Info: Retrieving plugin
      Info: Caching catalog for
      Info: Applying configuration version '1463171160'
      Info: Creating state file /var/lib/puppet/state/state.yaml
      Notice: Applied catalog in 0.24 seconds
  6. Verify cert signing on puppetmaster docker container:
    docker exec puppetmaster puppet cert list -all
  7. On the client, run:
    # puppet agent --test again to verify that cert exists and was confirmed.
  8. To create manifests, place them in /opt/puppet/manifests/.
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