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qpid server
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Derived from the "port" by Adam Miller from
Originally written for Fedora-Dockerfiles by Stephen Tweedie



ClefOS 7 dockerfile for Apache Qpid

Get Docker version

# docker version

To build:

# docker build -rm -t qpid

Launch the container using:

# docker run -p 5672 qpid

Check what port is mapped to 5672

# docker ps

e.g. 2a16c0dda3b8 4e431243448a qpid -t --auth=no 19 seconds ago Up 18 seconds>5672/tcp

You can install qpid-tools package on the host and run the following to test:

# qpid-tool localhost:49153

Where 49153 is the port that was revealed in the docker ps above.

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