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Docker registry
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Derived from the "port" by Adam Miller from
Originally written for Fedora-Dockerfiles by Stephen Tweedie



ClefOS7 dockerfile for docker registry

Get the version of Docker:

    # docker version

To build:

    # docker build -rm -t <yourname>/registry:clefos7 .

To run:

    # docker run -d -p 5000:5000 <yourname>/registry:clefos7

To use a separate data volume for /var/lib/docker-registry (recommended, to
allow image update without losing registry contents):

Create a data volume container: (it doesn't matter what image you use
here, we'll never run this container again; it's just here to
reference the data volume)

    # docker run --name=registry-data -v /var/lib/docker-registry registry:clefos7

And now create the registry application container:

    # docker run --name=registry  -d -p 5000:5000 --volumes-from=registry-data <yourname>/registry:clefos7

Test it...

# docker tag <yourname>/registry:clefos7 localhost:5000/<yourname>/registry:clefos7
# docker push localhost:5000/<yourname>/registry:clefos7
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