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user: foo pass: bar
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XFCE in a Fedora Docker container


Simple proof of concept to run Fedora 22 desktop in a container.


I want to run a graphical Linux app, such as scap-workbench,
and access it from devices that cannot run an X Server,
such as a stock Chromebook or Windows laptop.

I may extend to provide
a full desktop along the lines of xrdp.


On a Linux host with Docker:

# Vanilla desktop.
# This is really meant to be a base image for others.
docker run -d -p 3389:3389 jumanjiman/xrdp

# Or desktop with SCAP workbench.
docker run -d -p 3389:3389 jumanjiman/scap-workbench

Connect to the container as user foo with password bar
via an RDP client.


On a Linux host with Docker 1.6 or higher:

docker build --rm -t jumanjiman/xrdp-fedora -f Dockerfile.xrdp-fedora .
docker build --rm -t jumanjiman/xrdp -f Dockerfile.apps .

docker build --rm -t jumanjiman/xrdp:alpine -f alpine/Dockerfile.xrdp alpine/
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