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Analytics platform for Relationally connected streams and datasets based on Kibana.
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This image contains a Kibi instance and an Elasticsearch cluster preloaded with a subset of our demonstration data.

Supported tags

  • 5.4.0-beta-2
  • 4.6.4-4
  • 4.6.4-3
  • 4.6.4-2
  • 4.6.4-1
  • 4.5.4-1
  • 4.6.3-2

Kibi is a friendly - kept in sync - Kibana fork which add support for joins across indexes and external sources, tabbed navigation interface.

For more information, please check the following links:

Running the image

The exposed ports are:

  • 5606: Investigate HTTP server
  • 9220: Elasticsearch REST interface

To run the image, execute the following command:

docker run -d -p 5606:5606 -p 9220:9220 sirensolutions/kibi-community-demo-lite:4.6.4-4

Then connect to https://localhost:5606 to try the demo.



If using docker-machine, change localhost to the IP address of docker-machine.

Mac Docker Users

If using docker-for-mac, see here for known limitations and workarounds

Windows Docker Users

Accessing docker containers in Windows may require a small adjustment to the NAT rules
of VirtualBox. To expose port 5606 (and allow access to https://localhost:5606),
try the following:

  • Go to VirtualBox and select your VM image
  • Choose NAT
  • Click on Advanced
  • Click on Port Forwarding
  • Add a new rule that maps localhost:5606 to the VM port 5606
  • Click OK and OK again to get back to VirtualBox's main page
  • Restart the image by
    • rightclicking the image,
    • select Close -> Save State
    • rightclick again and select Start
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