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A Microcontainer running on top of sirile/basebox which offers a consul server
and consul UI. It also contains a start script for the Consul server which
can adapt to Weave provided networking if the environment variable DC has been
set. Otherwise it uses the normal IP of the container.


Running the Consul container requires the basefilebox volume container for the
Consul executable.

Example startup command using Weave for networking:

sudo weave launch
sudo weave run -p 8500:8500 -h consul -e DC=west --name consul --volumes-from basefilebox sirile/consulbox

Example startup command without Weave:

docker run -p 8500:8500 -h consul -d --name consul --volumes-from basefilebox sirile/consulbox

Both of the commands expose the Consul UI in port 8500 of the host.

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