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A Microcontainer that can be used as the basebox for Jetty applications.
Doesn't practically do anything as no linking is required for the Jetty
runtime. Uses sirile/javabox (which is based on sirile/basebox) as the
base which means that it provides Consul.

Example of using this for a real application can be found from the project


The Jetty can be started with:

java -jar /opt/files/jetty/jetty/start.jar

This reads the initialization files from the current folder and starts Jetty.

To be usable, the Jettybox requires three volume container Fileboxes:

  • sirile/basefilebox
  • sirile/java8filbox
  • sirile/jettyfilebox

The used JRE version can be controlled with changing which Java filebox is used.

Example startup command for the container that has an actual application set up:

docker run --volumes-from basefilebox -d --volumes-from java8filebox --volumes-from jettyfilebox --link consul:consul -h jettybox --name jettybox --dns -p 80:80 sirile/jettytestbox

This exposes the defined port 80 to the host.

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