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A Microcontainer that can be used to run nodejs applications.

As this container is based on sirile/basebox it comes with the Consul integration
built-in and so (basically) requires a linked container running Consul server.
The start command for runit can be replaced with something that doesn't start
the consul agent if that isn't needed.


Requires two filebox volume containers to work:

  • sirile/basefilebox
  • sirile/nodejsfilebox

A nodejs environment can be started with:

sudo weave launch
sudo weave run -p 8500:8500 -h consul -e DC=west --name consul --volumes-from basefilebox sirile/consulbox
sudo weave run --volumes-from basefilebox --volumes-from nodejsfilebox -e DC=west --link consul:consul -h nodejsbox --name nodejsbox --dns sirile/nodejsbox

Functionality can then be tested with:

docker exec -ti nodejsbox /bin/sh
node -v
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