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phpVirtualBox 5 docker image
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phpVirtualBox is a modern web interface that allows
you to control remote VirtualBox instances - mirroring the VirtualBox GUI.
This is a docker image that eases setup.

About phpVirtualBox

From the official description:

An open source, AJAX implementation of the VirtualBox user interface written in PHP.
As a modern web interface, it allows you to access and control remote VirtualBox instances.
phpVirtualBox is designed to allow users to administer VirtualBox in a headless
environment - mirroring the VirtualBox GUI through its web interface.

Getting Started

Start the Virtualbox Web Server. You will be prompted for a password.
Note: detach with ctrl+p then ctrl+q.

$ docker run -it --name=vboxwebsrv clue/vboxwebsrv vbox@

Start phpVirtualbox.

$ docker run -d --name phpvirtualbox -p 80:80 --link vboxwebsrv:gui sisuware/docker-phpvirtualbox

Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:80.

Environment Variables

  • version phpVirtualbox version specification, currently defaults to 5.0-5
  • port

This is a rather common setup following docker's conventions:

  • -d will run a detached session running in the background
  • -p {OutsidePort}:80 will bind the webserver to the given outside port
  • --link {ContainerName}:{DisplayName} links a vboxwebsrv instance with the given {ContainerName} and exposes it under the visual {DisplayName}
  • sisuware/phpvirtualbox the name of this docker image
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