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SiteWhere Open Iot Platform - Standalone Image
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SiteWhere : The Open Platform for the Internet of Things™

SiteWhere Standalone Image

This repository contains images of the SiteWhere Open IoT Platform that have no external dependencies. The images include SiteWhere Community Edition, a MongoDB database and a HiveMQ MQTT broker.

Running SiteWhere

Open your Docker client and type the following:

docker run -p 80:8080 -p 1883:1883 -p 61623:61623 sitewhere/standalone:1.8.0

Once all of the server components have started, navigate to the following URL:


This configuration makes SiteWhere available on port 80, so verify that you do not have another web server running on that port. To change the web server port change the port mapping from -p 80:8080 to -p {desired port}:8080. The exposed ports are explained below:

Port 8080 - SiteWhere Admin Console and REST services

Port 1883 - HiveMQ MQTT broker

Port 61623 - HiveMQ MQTT broker over web socket

For more information about the SiteWhere administrative console, REST services, and other features, visit our website.

Docker Pull Command

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9 months ago

The tag 'latest' isn't available, so the command

docker pull sitewhere/standalone

doesn't work. Use the following:

docker pull sitewhere/standalone:1.8.0

to install the 1.8.0 version (apparently the 1.9.0 version isn't yet available for docker?)

2 years ago

can't run....

$ docker run -p 80:8080 -p 61623:61623 sitewhere/standalone:1.0.1
Starting SiteWhere...
Waiting for MongoDB to start...
nc: connect to localhost port 27017 (tcp) failed: Connection refused
nc: connect to localhost port 27017 (tcp) failed: Connection refused

and it just suspended...