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Internal tool to migrate data from our rethinkdb base to our mongodb database

Dev Commands

Run script in docker

docker build -t "siz-migration-rethinkdb-to-mongodb" .
docker run --rm --link siz-api-rethinkdb:rethinkdb --link siz-api-mongo:mongo -v $(pwd):/opt/migration-rethinkdb-to-mongodb siz-migration-rethinkdb-to-mongodb

Access to a mongodb instance through a docker

docker run --rm -it --link siz-api-mongo:mongo mongo mongo mongo:27017/siz

Prod commands

Launch migration job

docker run -e RETHINKDB_HOST=rethinkdb -e MONGO_AUTH=True -e MONGO_PASSWORD=password --link mongo:mongo sizio/migration-rethinkdb-to-mongodb

Launch without video conversion

docker run -e RETHINKDB_HOST=rethinkdb -e MONGO_HOST=mongo_host -e MONGO_AUTH=True -e MONGO_PASSWORD=password -e CONVERT_VIDEO=False sizio/migration-rethinkdb-to-mongodb

Preprod commands

Launch migration job

docker run -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=uUGIUhiuHUIHiuhIUhIUHIUhIUhiuhIUhIUhIUHu -e RETHINKDB_HOST=rethinkdb --link mongo:mongo sizio/migration-rethinkdb-to-mongodb
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