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Airtime Docker

This is a very early and unfinished attempt at a fully working Airtime Docker container.

The final goal is to split services into different containers and configure them with Consul:

  • icecast2
  • PostgreSQL
  • httpd

We're not quite there yet.

It's currently running on Ubuntu 14.04


    sudo docker build -t="sjourdan/airtime" .

Docker Automated Build

When pushed to GitHub, the Docker Hub builds it automatically: Airtime Docker Automated Build

The docker repository is then available by issuing:

    docker pull sjourdan/airtime-docker


    sudo docker run -d -p 443:443 --name airtime sjourdan/airtime

or directly from the Docker Hub

    sudo docker run -d -p 443:443 --name airtime sjourdan/docker-airtime


    sudo docker stop airtime


The Airtime container will be available from https://localhost.

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Comments (2)
10 months ago

I need help, please !!!
Creating vhost "/airtime" ...
Error: unable to connect to node rabbit@2a15d10a3fa9: nodedown


nodes in question: [rabbit@2a15d10a3fa9]

hosts, their running nodes and ports:

  • 2a15d10a3fa9: [{rabbitmqctl2656,51165}]

current node details:

  • node name: rabbitmqctl2656@2a15d10a3fa9
  • home dir: /var/lib/rabbitmq
  • cookie hash: FiNAT3PutN3PVLpZJfH1sw==
2 years ago

HI!! i've got 433 forbidden problem apache 4.2.7 is it possible to make another contener for apache 2.2 for synology nas??