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High performance distributed data processing engine
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Skale Docker

This directory contains a sample Dockerfile for skale-engine container, based on Alpine container.

It also contains a sample Compose file to deploy a minimal stack on a single host or a docker swarm.

This docker configuration is not meant for production, ok for evaluation or experimentation.


As a prerequisite, Docker must be installed, in version v1.12.0 or higher.

To download this docker image from the public docker hub:

$ docker pull skale/skale

To re-build this image from the dockerfile:

$ docker build -t skale/skale .

Deploying on a single host

This can be done simply with docker-compose and the provided docker-compose.yml file:

$ docker-compose up

Deploying on a cluster

The provided image and compose files are compatible to run distributed skale using the docker engine in swarm mode.

First create a cluster of docker machines in a swarm (see docker documentation)

Once a docker swarm is ready, one can deploy a skale stack using the stack command and the same docker-compose.yml file:

$ docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml skale

Then you can adjust the size of the skale cluster by setting the number of worker controllers:

$ docker service scale skale_skale-worker=3

There should be one instance of skale-worker per host. During jobs, each worker controller will spawn as many worker processes as CPUs on each host.

Running programs

To execute skale programs onto the previously deployed skale stack, the SKALE_HOST environment variable must point to the cluster public address, i.e the one given by docker info on the docker host (or the swarm master):

$ docker info | grep 'Node Address'
  Node Address:

For example, to run a sample program from the examples directory:

$ SKALE_DEBUG=2 SKALE_HOST= ../examples/parallelize.js
[master 0.050s] workers: 3
[master 0.054s] start result stage, partitions: 3
[master 0.067s] part 0 from worker-w17 (1/3)
[master 0.075s] part 1 from worker-w18 (2/3)
[master 0.080s] part 2 from worker-w19 (3/3)
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