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The Docker image for
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Docker image for

Image builds:


This is a simple Docker image to help on the development of the
website which is hosted on

See more about "Thessaloniki Tech Community" at

Online docker image:



  • Pull the docker image docker pull skgtech/website
  • Fork the official repository You can use hub to do this from CLI if you like
  • Clone your own repository locally (skip this if you have used hub)
  • Create a new Docker container
  • SSH into the new container and run gulp
  • Open (you will see a site same as
  • Make changes to the code (locally)
  • Commit and push to your repo
  • Create a pull request (online)
  • Get a badge for your support ;-)

Example of commands

// Pull latest docker image
docker pull skgtech/website

// Fork repository
// If you are using you can do this easily like this:
git fork

// Get into the folder
cd /path/to/

// Create a new container (you may need sudo to run docker)
// The files under /path/to/ are mounted with the docker container files at /app/
// The command bellow will start stat gulp tasks by default
docker run -i -t \
           --name skgtech_container \
           -p 3000:3000 -p 3001:3001 \
           -v `pwd`/_sass:/app/ \
           -v `pwd`/_frontapp:/app/ \
           -v `pwd`/_includes:/app/ \
           -v `pwd`/_layouts:/app/ \
           -v `pwd`/_data:/app/ \
           -v `pwd`/assets:/app/ \

// Open on your browser

// Make git commits locally under repo at /path/to/

// Create a pull request

// If you want to SSH into the container
docker exec -i -t skgtech_container /bin/bash


MIT. See more at LICENSE.

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