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tinydns in a container

Small Docker recipe to build tinydns. Tinydns is the DNS server from djbdns

Zones file

Tinydns answers DNS queries as specified by data.cdb


  • data.cdb file is a binary file created by tinydns-data
    • tinydns-data reads DNS informations from a file called data to create data.cdb

data in the container

  • the container assumes the data file is symlink to /data/


First, you need to create a correct tinydns data file on your host.

For example:

cat > /data/docker/volumes/tinydns-data/ << EOF

Then launch the container, with an external volume to the directory you created file

docker run -d -v /data/docker/volumes/tinydns-data/:/data -p 53:53/udp skurtzemann/tinydns

Then check that the DNS server is working

$ dig soa @ +short 1405869680 16384 2048 1048576 2560

$ dig @ +short
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