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A docker container with a script to somewhat handle jobs for ffmpeg and with a better display
Full Description

FFmpeg jobs and enhanced progress display

This project just adds a shell script for jobs management and enhanced progress display to Jrottenberg's FFmpeg container
The added script is inspired from this script

How to use it

First of all you can pull the image by running docker pull skydiscover/ffmpeg-jobs then run it like this:

docker run
    -d \
    -v <my/jobs/dir>:/jobs \

Then the conainer will monitor files that are added in /jobs/input and process those jobs.
A job file contains only a ffmpeg command, like ffmpeg -i "my-movie" -c:v libx264 -c:a copy "my_new_movie".

Obviously, files have to be accessible by the container, so add as many mounted volumes as you need to.
And for file in the job file, I highly advise you to just use double quotes "" if filenames are complex.

Others variables can be passed to the container like this: -e KEY=VALUE.
Possible variables are:

DISPLAY_REFRESH_RATE - Time in seconds between log updates (default is 5 seconds)
PULL_REFRESH_RATE    - Time in seconds between job files search (default is 5 seconds)
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