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Frontend UI with Facebook's Relay and GraphQL, see
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This project was used to figure out and to demonstrate, how to develop a frontend UI with Facebook's Relay and GraphQL libraries.

For deep interns of the concepts, see the link:[presentation at the EnterJS Conference] with its link:[slide sources]

== Purpose of this dashboard

This web app lists the (feature) branches of a specific github repository,

  • shows the last commit's build status
  • shows the last commit's commit message
  • Later: links to running docker containers for each feature (not implemented yet)

On a meetup, I presented some details about the background idea: You can find the link:[slides here]

== Getting started locally
A reduced functionality with a RESTful api backend works out of the box,
after invoking this in a shell:

git clone
cd dashboard
npm install  # or  yarn

=== Start in dev-mode: this will do re-generating and re-loading
For Relay you also need to start the server in normal mode, to activate the graphql-endpoint!

npm run dev  # this opens the browser automatically

For local development this also uses webpack-dev based hot-reloading which
automatically updates the page in the browser!

== Start in normal mode, with built-in GraphQL-backend

npm start   # or   yarn run start

For Relay, you need to create your own github-token and store it locally:

# create your .env file as a copy of .env.example by
cp .env.example .env
# ... and adapt it with your API key:
# You can create one at

It also provides a GraphIql IDE at http://localhost:3000/graphql - This is the ideal playground
for using and playing with different graphql queries.

Have fun!

== ScreenShot:

image:DashboardDemo.png[Preview image]


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