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Dynamic DNS Service backed by etcd
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SkyDNS is a distributed service for announcement and discovery of services built on top of etcd. It utilizes DNS queries to discover available services. This is done by leveraging SRV records in DNS, with special meaning given to subdomains, priorities and weights.

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a year ago

Sorry, I never noticed the replies to my comment. It's a shame this was never turned into an automated build, as I used it in my book. An automated build is much more trustworthy as it is directly linked to the source that was used to build it. Just saying "it was this source" doesn't really mean much.

Whilst it's true that you still control the source, at least I'm pretty certain it is the linked code that was used and I can manually verify it.

2 years ago

@jpapejr there is no evidence that this container matches that source.

2 years ago

Yeah, I looked at it, but I need to rework the Dockerfile for this to work. Not worth the effort. And trust wise there is of course no difference - as I control the source. insert evil laughter

2 years ago

Not really a "black box" when the link to the source is provided above, no?

2 years ago

Pretty please turn this into a trusted build? It shouldn't be much work and at the moment it's a black box, which is difficult for people to trust.