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Image that have a pool of rotating IPs through Tor and HAproxy.
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Tor/Haproxy a Docker Project

The purpose of this project is to provide an image that you can you to have a pool of rotating ips through tor and haproxy.
This image will setup 40 tor and Haproxy to manage all that which expose port 9100.

Building docker-tor

git clone docker-tor
cd docker-tor
docker build -t mfasanya/tor .

Running docker-tor

Running the first time will set your port to a static port of your choice so
that you can easily map a proxy to. If this is the only thing running on your
system you can map the port to 9100 and no proxy is needed. i.e.

sudo docker run -d=true -p=9100:9100 mfasanya/tor ./

What now?

Now you have a rotating socks proxy on port 9100. You can test it with

$ curl --socks5

You can also use it to proxy terminal applications using proxychains.

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