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OpenAM, OpenIDM and OpenDJ installed in single image
Full Description

This image is intended to give an example of OpenAM running in tomcat and OpenDJ and OpenIDM running standalone.
This is a complete image with an autostart script. The following items should be of help when using this image:

host config

The full domain name of the host is


installed at: /usr/local/tomcat

runs on: 8080

start with: /usr/local/tomcat/bin/

stop with: /usr/local/tomcat/bint/

OpenAM expanded in /opt/openam, other tool zip files are found there

openam war placed in tomcat webapps as openam.war

therefore openam should be exposed at

amadmin password is "password"

Configuration: /opt/openam_config

Standardrichtlinienagent [UrlAccessAgent] password: secret34

OpenIDM expanded in /opt/openidm,

OpenIDM port (configured in /opt/openidm/conf/boot/ changed from

default value 8080 to 8090 resulting in following port configuration:




start with /opt/openidm/

stop with /opt/openidm/

Admin console:

Default user name: admin

Default password: admin

Frontend UI:

Admin UI:

Default user name: openidm-admin

Default password: openidm-admin

Changed password: Openidm1


LDAP Listener Port: 1389
Administration Connector Port: 4444
LDAP Secure Access: Enable StartTLS
Enable SSL on LDAP Port 1636
Create a new Self-Signed Certificate
Root User DN: cn=Directory Manager

Root User DN Password: arbitrary
Fully Qualified Domain Name:

start and stop all components

start: /opt/
stop : /opt/

the script is called during image startup,
there is no need to call it explicitly

DON'T forget to add to the 'hosts' file on both docker image and your local system !

Example of starting the image:

docker run -i -t -p 8080:8080 -p 1389:1389 -p 1636:1636 -p 8090:8090 -p 4444:4444 slavaschmidt/open_stack_autostart:hosts

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