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Docker Image to Run Wildfly in Domain mode as either a Domain or Host Controller
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WildFly Domain

This repository contains a Dockerfile to setup a WildFly domain.

It's based on the idea to have a generic docker image which is used to start both a domain controller and an arbitrary number of host controllers.

Running The Domain Controller

In order to setup a domain, you need to start the domain controller first. The domain controller defines two server groups called main-server-group and other-server-group, but does not include any servers.

docker run --rm -it -p 9990:9990 --name=dc sleepingtalent/wildfly-domain --host-config host-master.xml -b -bmanagement

Running The Host Controller

The host controller defines one server called server-one with auto-start=true. When starting the host controller, you have to provide specific parameters:

The name of the link to the domain controller must be domain-controller.
Add the name of the server group for server-one using the environment variable SERVER_GROUP

docker run --rm -it -p 8080 --link dc:domain-controller -e SERVER_GROUP=main-server-group sleepingtalent/wildfly-domain --host-config host-slave.xml

Environment Variables

Here's a list of all environment variables which are processed by the docker image:

  • WILDFLY_MANAGEMENT_USER : User for the management endpoint. Defaults to "admin".
  • WILDFLY_MANAGEMENT_PASSWORD : Password for the management endpoint. Defaults to "admin".
  • SERVER_GROUP : Group for the server when starting a host controller. Mandatory when starting a host controller.
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