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jenkins and docker with additional plugins
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Jenkins Docker image that adds installation of Git, Maven, Docker, default-jdk and Node.js, plus the Jenkins Git SCM and Docker build step plugins.


docker run -d \
  -p 8080:8080 \
  --restart=always \
  -v /home/ubuntu/jenkins:/var/jenkins_home \
  --add-host docker: \ # Replace with your docker host IP address
  --name jenkins \
  • runs a container;
  • maps the host port 8080 to the container port 8080;
  • sets an "always" restart policy;
  • maps the host folder /home/ubuntu/jenkins into the container as the Jenkins home folder; and
  • adds the Docker host to the container /etc/hosts file so that Jenkins can access the Docker API
  • names the image jenkins.


To set up MAVEN_HOME and the Docker remote API:

  • Manage Jenkins
  • Configure System
  • (Keep Git default)
  • Add Maven, untick “install automatically”, MAVEN_HOME: /usr/share/maven
  • Set Docker URL to http://docker:2375 (see --add-host above)

And start adding your jobs.


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