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A docker container image providing all tools required by Shopware 5 for developing and building online shops.
If you would like to set up a local development environment with Vagrant, feel free to use and adapt our
vagrant-docker-shopware boilerplate.


This docker container image is based on slicemenice/php-apache-rewrite (GitHub, Docker Hub)
which sets up an Apache server with PHP5 and mod_rewrite enabled.

It contains Ant, cURL, git, Composer, and the MySQL client, so you can install and build Shopware 5 following our instructions
at vagrant-docker-shopware.

Besides the PHP extensions required by Shopware, this docker container image also includes Xdebug, so you can use your
favorite IDE to step through and debug PHP scripts.

Contained Tools

Tool(s) Description
ant required to configure and build Shopware 5
php used by Shopware's build.xml to install composer
composer not directly required by Shopware 5, as the build will also install a local composer for Shopware, but you can also use it to install Shopware via
curl, git, wget necessary to execute tasks defined in Shopware's build.xml and for composer to install dependencies
openjdk-7-jdk required by Ant
mysql-client required by Shopware's build.xml to connect to the SQL database server located in another docker container
xdebug used for debugging PHP
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