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Ubuntu 14.4 container with VPP package installed
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image contains Vector-Packet-Processing (VPP) library in /vpp, VPP is maintained by Fast-Data (

docker host dependencies:

tested with Ubuntu 14.04 Docker Host System

huge pages must be installed

echo "vm.nr_hugepages=1024" | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.d/20-hugepages.conf vm.nr_hugepages=1024 
sudo sysctl --system

container must be installed in privileged mode

sl@docker-host-ubuntu-14-04:~$ docker run -ti --privileged --name docker-client-vpp slieberth/vpp /bin/bash

Start VPP

on the container vpp is started with

root@78e31c1f8804:/# cd /vpp
root@78e31c1f8804:/vpp# make run
DBGvpp# show version
vpp v1.0.0-335~gf5bf6dd built by root on 33817b96c0aa at Sun Apr 17 05:55:58 UTC 2016
DBGvpp# show interfaces
              Name               Idx       State          Counter          Count     
local0                            0        down      
pg/stream-0                       1        down      
pg/stream-1                       2        down      
pg/stream-2                       3        down      
pg/stream-3                       4        down


#Dockerfile to create ubuntu 14.04 and source/make VPP from VPP into /vpp
FROM ubuntu:14.04
MAINTAINER slieberth <>
RUN sudo apt-get update \
 && sudo apt-get -y install vim \
   git \
   build-essential \
   linux-headers-`uname -r` \
 && git clone \
 && cd vpp \
 && sudo make install-dep \
 && sudo make bootstrap \
 && sudo make build

Docker Pull Command