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MySQL with settings that trade durability for speed
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Base docker image to run a MySQL database server in azk

MySQL versions (tags)

- latest, 5.6, 5
- 5.5

Image content:

  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Git
  • VIM
  • MySQL

Usage with azk

Example of using this image with azk:

 * Documentation:

// Adds the systems that shape your system
  mysql: {
    // Dependent systems
    depends: [], // postgres, mysql, mongodb ...
    // More images:
    image: {"docker": "azukiapp/mysql"},
    shell: "/bin/bash",
    wait: {"retry": 25, "timeout": 1000},
    mounts: {
      '/var/lib/mysql': persistent("mysql_lib#{}"),
    ports: {
      // exports global variables
      data: "3306/tcp",
    envs: {
      // set instances variables
      MYSQL_USER         : "azk",
      MYSQL_PASS         : "azk",
      MYSQL_DATABASE     : "#{}_development",
    export_envs: {
      // check this gist to configure your database
      DATABASE_URL: "mysql2://#{envs.MYSQL_USER}:#{envs.MYSQL_PASS}@#{}:#{}/${envs.MYSQL_DATABASE}",

Usage with docker

To create the image azukiapp/mysql, execute the following command on the docker-mysql folder:

$ docker build -t azukiapp/mysql 5.6/

To run the image and bind to port 3306:

$ docker run -d -p 3306:3306 azukiapp/mysql

The first time that you run your container, a new user admin with all privileges
will be created in MySQL with a random password. To get the password, check the logs
of the container by running:


# with azk
$ azk logs mysql

# with docker
$ docker logs <CONTAINER_ID>

You will see an output like the following:

You can now connect to this MySQL Server using:

    mysql -u azk -p azk -h <host> -P <port>

Please remember to change the above password as soon as possible!
MySQL user 'root' has no password but only allows local connections

In this case, azk is the password allocated to the azk user.

Remember that the root user has no password but it's only accessible from within the container.

Environment variables

MYSQL_USER: Set a specific username for the admin account. (default 'azk')

MYSQL_PASS: Set a specific password for the admin account. (default 'azk')

STARTUP_SQL: Defines one or more sql scripts separated by spaces to initialize the database. Note that the scripts must be inside the container, so you may need to mount them

Migrating an existing MySQL Server

In order to migrate your current MySQL server, perform the following commands from your current server:

$ azk shell mysql

### Dump databases structure:
$ mysqldump --host <host> --port <port> --user <user> --password --opt -d -B <database name(s)> > dbserver_schema.sql

### Dump database data:
$ mysqldump --host <host> --port <port> --user <user> --password --quick --single-transaction -t -n -B <database name(s)> > dbserver_data.sql

To import a SQL backup which is stored, for example, in the project root, run the following:

$ azk shell mysql
$ / <user> <pass> <dump.sql>


Azuki Dockerfiles distributed under the Apache License.

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