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docker has stopped distributing images with java pre-installed

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We use this problem to generate an opportunity, we will start using

Which aims to be a lightweight docker friendly minimal ubuntu image, that
will allow us to consume much less memory in our docker stack

23-05-2015:I am seriously considering start using
instead of phusion images, i think RancherOS is the real deal for docker,
in fact I started the process of putting it inside the project.

It's 5 virtual machines, one per each element of the ELK stack, 1 jenkins
and 1 nodeapi server to persist info in the elastic search, they are connected
between them with minimum configuration, if you check inside each folder
there is one Dockerfile to create each container, plus the instructions
to download and configure,USING the rest of the files of each folder to
have a complete running setup once all dependencies have been downloaded
by Docker

###*Use the run scripts in the folder to run it, it works out of the box.

Prerequisites :

* Linux
* Docker
* Docker-compose


1)I assume you have docker installed
2)sudo sh

###After install:
1) http://localhost:5601 kibana
2) http://localhost:8084/api nodeapi
3) http://localhost:9200 elasticsearch
4) http://localhost:8080 rancher
5) http://localhost:8111 teamcity (ci for nodejs)

##Upgrade docker
wget -N | sh

##Useful commands
sudo docker ps -> list containers
sudo docker run -d container_id -> run in detached mode
sudo docker build . -> build docker image
sudo docker build -t sloppylopez/projectname . -> build docker image
sudo docker run -dt -p 8111:8111 dockers_teamcity -> run docker teamcity image in detached mode
sudo docker run -ti -p 8111:8111 dockers_teamcity /bin/bash -> run docker teamcity image in interactive mode

##Finally we are using rancher as base operating system for our Docker containers

##Info sources:

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository