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A web service to allow summarizing of various related tasks executed in different environments.
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Summarize is a web service that provides a single landing page for interested parties to quickly view the status of a project that consists of many tasks. These tasks are usually executed in different environments by different processes. For example, build, QA (FVT, SVT, etc.), etc. all have different tasks to execute before a specific build is validated as "usable". Each of these teams may run their tasks in different environments and host their results on different web sites for users to view. In this case, a user wanting to know the state of a given build needs to bookmark multiple sites and study each of them before deciding whether a specific build is "good".

Summarize attempts to alleviate this problem by providing a single landing spot for users to view build/deliverable status. All various tasks executed to produce the deliverable can submit a simple json payload to the summarize web service at each step along the way that provides the latest status for that given task. Statuses are colour coded on the summarize landing page giving users a quick visual as to which deliverables are good and which are bad. Each status can provide a url that links the user to more detailed information about the specific task (maybe a link to the jenkins job, etc.). Each task also allows for comments to be collected and viewed by users so that when a task is marked as failed comments are added so users can quickly read why a task failed and what's being done about it.

Basically, the purpose of summarize is to provide users with a quick and easy to digest summary of what's going on in a given project.


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