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Short Description
Minio-Dokku is simply a minio server installed on alpine linux, intended to be run on Dokku
Full Description

Run Minio on Dokku

What is Minio

Minio is an object storage server, and API compatible with Amazon S3 cloud storage service.
Read more at the website.

What is Dokku

The smallest PaaS implementation you've ever seen - Docker powered mini-Heroku
Read more at the Dokku website

Minio-Dokku image info

minio-dokku uses the alpine:3.3 docker image, with the following added to it:

Alpine Linux
  |--/other linux files
       |- dokku

How to Setup


Create the app

Log onto your Dokku Host to create the minio app

dokku apps:create minio

Set Environment Variables

minio uses an access key and secret key for login, and object management. You can set custom keys with Environment Variables. if keys aren't set, minio server will generate them.


Note: you can find the minio generated keys by checking app logs, with: dokku logs minio

Create your Dockerfile

from your local machine create your app folder and Dockerfile

mkdir minio && cd minio
touch Dockerfile

Add the following in your Dockerfile:

FROM slypix/minio-dokku:1.0
USER dokku
WORKDIR /home/dokku/
CMD ./minio server storage

Add Dokku remote, and Deploy

git add Dockerfile
git commit -m "Dockerfile config for minio server"
git remote add dokku
git push dokku master

Add Persistent/External Storage

Currently minio uses docker image directory \home\dokku\storage, we can map a host directory to \home\dokku\storage with Dokku Core Storage Plugin

you can use an existing directory or create a new one
make sure you change to dokku user before you create a new directory

su dokku
mkdir /home/dokku/minio/data

Mount directory and restart app:

dokku storage:mount minio /home/dokku/minio/data:/home/dokku/storage
dokku ps:restart minio
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