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LoadUI Agent for Ready! API LoadUI NG
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LoadUI Agent Repository

This repository contains a Docker image with LoadUI Agent installed.
You use the Agent to run distributed load tests with Ready! API LoadUI NG – a load testing and distributed testing tool by SmartBear.
To create and run these tests in Ready! API, you need a LoadUI NG Pro license.

Quick Start

1. Run this Docker image

docker run -p 1991:1991 smartbear/ready-api-loadui-agent

This will start the LoadUI Agent. The container should have the 1991 port opened so that LoadUI NG can access the Agent.

2. Create and run a load test in Ready! API

To create a load test:

  • In Ready! API, switch to the LoadUI NG > Distribution tab.

  • Add a new agent. In the Add Agent dialog, select the New Agent option and specify the IP address or host name of the computer running the container.

  • Add scenarios to the agent.

  • Select the Run Scenarios on agents run mode for your load test and start it.

See a step-by step guide in Ready! API documentation.

  • LoadUI NG does not automatically detect agents running in Docker containers. You will need to specify the IP address of these computers manually (see above).

  • The CPU and Used memory metrics that LoadUI NG displays for the agents will show data for the Docker container, not for the computer running the container.

Technical Support

In case you have a question about using the Agent or need assistance, search for solution in our Community or contact our Support Team. We will be glad to help you.

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