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How To Run

The SmartCinema server components are available in a docker container. We only have one container where
all server programs are installed, but you can start it in various ways to run a single component only.

Quick Start

Run the web app with an integrated API server

docker run -d --name=smartcinema -p 8080:8080 smartcinema/smartcinema

You can then view the web app at http://localhost:8080/

Since the database is empty, you might want to run the data scraper to fill
the database with movies and cinemas:

docker run -it --rm --link smartcinema:api --shm-size 2g smartcinema/smartcinema smartcinema-scraper

(The --shm-size is necessary otherwise the included firefox will crash)

Proper Deployment

In a real-world situation, you would want to run the API server and web app in different containers,
and you'd want to make sure that the database is persistent:

So here's how you start the API alone:

docker run -d --name=smartcinema-api -p 9090:9090 -v /INSERT/DATABASE/DIRECTORY/ON/HOST/HERE:/home/smartcinema/db smartcinema/smartcinema smartcinema-api

Make sure the database directory is accessible by the user in the container (UID 1000).

And the web app:

docker run -d --name=smartcinema-web -p 8080:8080 --link smartcinema-api:api smartcinema/smartcinema smartcinema-web

The scraper is supposed to be started via a cron job, and you can run it as follows:

docker run -it --rm --link smartcinema-api:api --shm-size 2g smartcinema/smartcinema smartcinema-scraper

While the web app contains a poor man's proxy for the REST API, you'll want to
configure your reverse proxy (you're using one for TLS termination anyway, right?)
to handle this. Here's a relevant nginx snippet:

location / {

location /rest/ {
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