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Build your private Android device cloud for development. Share them with developers and CI systems.
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See SmartDust in action:

Boost your Android app development and deploy it with confidence, thanks to SmartDust. Want more features? Comment!

How to use this image

To run locally:

$ docker run -d --privileged --name=smartdust -p 7000-7500:7000-7500 -v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb smartdust/smartdust

Then navigate to localhost:7100 in your browser.

If you want to access SmartDust from other computers, run:

$ docker run -d --privileged --name=smartdust -e PUBLIC_IP=<your_ip> -p 7000-7500:7000-7500 -v /dev/bus/usb:/dev/bus/usb smartdust/smartdust

Then navigate to <your_ip>:7100 in your browser.

Connecting devices

  • enable developer options
  • enable USB debugging
  • connect the device
  • allow debugging from SmartDust (add key)
  • if you don't see the device in the browser, turn the USB debugging off and on again
  • click the device name in the browser
  • that's it! You can choose a master device to control all other connected devices

With SmartDust, you can:

  • Control all your Android development devices from a single page or any IDE
  • Install and start your mobile app on all devices at once (drag & drop APK into master device to install to all connected devices)
  • Run tests to verify your app on multiple devices simultaneously (manually or integrate with your Jenkins, Travis or other CI server)
  • Debug with breakpoints on misbehaving device instantly, without leaving your workspace
  • Deploy great apps to new users with confidence
  • Get more stars your apps deserve
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