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octoprint for amd64 and arm
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Octoprint Dockerfile

Thanks to :

Contains: Octoprint, curl and avconv

docker run -d -p 5000 --device=/dev/ttyUSB0 --name=mycontainername mrwyss/octoprint


QNAP Notes

you can run/start the package through the container station. Make sure that ups_yec (a UPS Service) is not running.
It makes interferes with USB Devices. To do so:

  1. Find system config drive

     echo "Your needs to be placed in: $(getcfg system "system device")6"
  2. Mount the config dir

     mount -t ext2 $(getcfg system "system device")6 /tmp/config
  3. create a file

     vi /tmp/config/


# remove wrong ups yec assignment and generate dummy ups_yec executable
/sbin/daemon_mgr ups_yec stop "/sbin/ups_yec &"
rm /tmp/ups_temp
echo '#!/bin/sh' > /sbin/ups_yec
echo 'while true' >> /sbin/ups_yec
echo 'do' >> /sbin/ups_yec
echo 'sleep 10' >> /sbin/ups_yec
echo 'done' >> /sbin/ups_yec
  1. Add execute rights

     chmod +x /tmp/config/
  2. unmount the config drive

     umount /tmp/config
  3. Reboot

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