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Alpine Linux, s6 process management running Consul and Redis.
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A Docker image for running Redis with Consul, based on Alpine Linux.
This image belongs to a suite of images documented here.

Image size is ~50 MB.


This image features:


See for image contents.


To use this image include FROM smebberson/alpine-consul-redis at the top of your Dockerfile, or simply docker run --name redis smebberson/alpine-consul-redis.

This container has been setup to automatically connect to a Consul cluster, created with a service name of consul. Read more about it here.


This container comes setup as follows:

  • Redis will be automatically started for you.
  • If Redis dies, so will the container.
  • A basic Redis configuration which you can review and customise.

To update the configuration:

  • Create a file called redis-local.conf, fill it with all of the config overrides that you require.
  • In your Dockerfile, copy this file to /etc/redis-local.conf.

Redis will start and load the config at /etc/redis.conf, and then load /etc/redis-local.conf and apply any overrides.

Consul service registration

This container is automatically configured to register itself with Consul, as the redis service operating on port 6379. It comes with a script /usr/bin/redis-check, that is wired up to a Consul service health check.

Any of these files can be changed in your image, as required to customise the setup.


An example of using this image can be found in examples/user-consul-redis.

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