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An Ubuntu 14.04 based image, featuring s6 process management, nginx and nodejs.
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nginx & nodejs

An image for using both Nginx and Node.js within the same container. This is a combination of [smebberson/nginx][smebbersonnginx] and smebberson/nodejs.

What's the use case for such a container?

My scenario:

  • nginx serves my static files
  • nginx also proxies to my web-application (in another container)
  • nodejs listens for changes to the web-application container and reconfigures and restarts nginx


To use this image include FROM smebberson/nodejs at the top of your Dockerfile.

From there you can:

  • configure nginx as required
  • include nodejs application
  • write an s6 run script for your nodejs application, for example:
#!/usr/bin/env bash

# cd into our directory
cd /app

# start our node.js application
exec node server.js;
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