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Short Description
Docker image for SilverStripe LAMP stack that can also be used for various build tasks.
Full Description

This Docker image lets you can use to do a number of SilverStripe-related things:

  • Run a LAMP stack suitable for SilverStripe (including an internal database)
  • Uses Debian Jessie
  • Run SilverStripe tests
  • Run SilverStripe release-packaging steps

A number of support tools are available:

  • PHPUnit (PHP)
  • Phing (PHP)
  • Composer (PHP)
  • NodeJS 4 (JavaScript)
  • NPM 2 (JavaScript)
  • Grunt (JavaScript)
  • Gulp (JavaScript)
  • RubyGems (Ruby)
  • Bundler (Ruby)

To help with headless download of packages, it has the SSH key loaded as a known host.

Source: sminnee/docker-silverstripe-lamp on GitHub.

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