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Hadoop docker image based on alpine
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Hadoop(Common/HDFS/YARN/MapReduce) docker image based on alpine

  • Namenode is set to high availability mode with multiple namenode
  • Non secure mode
  • Alpine built native-hadoop library bundled
    • Native netgroup mapping function missing
  • One process per container as possible
  • No sshd setting. Cannot use utility script like and
  • conf template applied by

This setup use FQDN with docker embedded DNS instead of editing /etc/hosts.
Using FQDN on Hadoop require dns lookup and reverse lookup.

You need set --name and --net (container_name.network_name as hostname) for dns lookup from other containers
, and set --hostname(-h) for reverse lookup from container itself.

Small setup

# load default env as needed
eval $(docker-machine env default)

# network 
docker network create vnet

# make docker-compose.yml 
zookeeper=1 namenode=1 datanode=1 ./ hdfs yarn > docker-compose.yml

# config test
docker-compose config

# hadoop startup
docker-compose up -d

# tail logs for a while
docker-compose logs -f

# check ps
docker-compose ps

      Name                     Command               State                                Ports                              
datanode-1 datanode           Up      50010/tcp, 50020/tcp, 50075/tcp                                 
historyserver-1 historyserver-1    Up      10020/tcp,>19888/tcp                             
namenode-1 namenode-1         Up>50070/tcp, 8020/tcp                              
nodemanager-1 nodemanager        Up      8040/tcp, 8041/tcp, 8042/tcp                                    
resourcemanager-1 resourcemana ...   Up      8030/tcp, 8031/tcp, 8032/tcp, 8033/tcp,>8088/tcp 
zookeeper-1 -server 1 1 vnet   Up      2181/tcp, 2888/tcp, 3888/tcp

# check stats
docker ps --format {{.Names}} | xargs docker stats

# run example data (pi calc)
docker exec -it -u hdfs datanode-1 hadoop jar share/hadoop/mapreduce/hadoop-mapreduce-examples-2.7.6.jar pi 10 100

# view job history in web ui
open http://$(docker-machine ip default):19888

# hadoop shutdown  
docker-compose stop

# cleanup container
docker-compose rm -v

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