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Apache HBase docker image based on alpine
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Apache HBase docker image based on alpine

Small setup

# load default env as needed
eval $(docker-machine env default)

# network 
docker network create vnet

# make docker-compose.yml with small size (no redudency)
zookeeper=1 namenode=1 datanode=1 ./ hdfs hbase > docker-compose.yml

# or with default size(zookeeper=3, namenode=2, journalnode=3, datanode=3, hmaster=2, regionserver=3)  
./ hdfs hbase > docker-compose.yml

# hadoop+hbase startup
docker-compose up -d

# tail logs for a while
docker-compose logs -f

# check ps
docker-compose ps

     Name                   Command               State                  Ports                
datanode-1 datanode           Up      50010/tcp, 50020/tcp, 50075/tcp     
hmaster-1 hmaster-1          Up      16000/tcp,>16010/tcp 
namenode-1 namenode-1         Up>50070/tcp, 8020/tcp  
regionserver-1 regionserver       Up      16020/tcp, 16030/tcp                
zookeeper-1 -server 1 1 vnet   Up      2181/tcp, 2888/tcp, 3888/tcp

# check stats
docker ps --format {{.Names}} | xargs docker stats

# hbase shell
docker exec -it -u hbase regionserver-1 hbase shell
hbase(main):001:0> create 'test', 'cf'
hbase(main):002:0> list 'test'
hbase(main):003:0> put 'test', 'row1', 'cf:a', 'value1'
hbase(main):004:0> put 'test', 'row2', 'cf:b', 'value2'
hbase(main):005:0> put 'test', 'row3', 'cf:c', 'value3'
hbase(main):006:0> scan 'test'
hbase(main):007:0> get 'test', 'row1'
hbase(main):008:0> disable 'test'
hbase(main):009:0> drop 'test'
hbase(main):010:0> exit

# hadoop/hbase shutdown  
docker-compose stop

# cleanup container
docker-compose rm -v
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