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CloudAMQP-aligned RabbitMQ turnkey image
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This image aims at providing a turnkey image for testing RabbitMQ related projects.

The goal of this image is to offer a convenient way to locally test, start and dispose of a RabbitMQ cluster.
It is not written with production in mind: we kept the changes minimal and don't focus on performance nor security in this image.

The version used might not be the latest one, our goal is to use this image to test with the same version as the one exposed by CloudAMQP (3.5.7).

What's in it

RabbitMQ version: 3.5.7
Enabled-plugins: The plugins enabled by default are still there, and this image add and enables the management plugin and the delayed message plugin.

Here's the complete list of the plugins enabled:

  • rabbitmq_management
  • amqp_client
  • rabbitmq_delayed_message_exchange
  • rabbitmq_management_agent
  • rabbitmq_web_dispatch
  • webmachine
  • mochiweb

Use it

docker run -it --rm --hostname local-rabbit -p 15672:15672 -p 5672:5672 smooch/rabbitmq

See the Github repo

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