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Docker container for fun

Based on an original idea from @dgageot
Once upon a time @ LyonJUG

Docker: docker pull smougenot/fun-docker

Demonstrate what can be done with a Docker container
Not a big deal but used as BBL handson
The subject is to try some fun commands

  • cowsay
  • the apt-get easter egg
  • fsome steam locomotive
  • the cmatrix
  • whatch Star Wars

If you know some others, you can provide a pull request
Most of the fun was found here

Getting started

If you do not have a vm to use docker you can use Vultr.
You can find a startup script in the github repo to set the required tools on a centos 7 vm.

Try it yourself with the sources

# get the fun stuff
cd /opt
git clone
docker build --rm -t fun fun-docker/

Run the fun

# play with it
docker run --rm --name fun fun
docker run --rm --name fun fun the cow said hello
docker run --rm --name fun fun -l
docker run --rm --name fun fun -f ghostbusters hello
docker run --rm --entrypoint "apt-get" -ti fun moo

docker run --rm --name fun --entrypoint "/usr/games/sl" -ti fun
docker run --rm --name fun --entrypoint "/usr/bin/cmatrix" -ti fun
docker run --rm --name fun --entrypoint "telnet" -ti fun
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